Online Publications

Barren Magazine“The Weight of Spit”

Barren Magazine 2019 Poetry Contest, 2nd Place: “To My Eldest at the Age of Burning”

The Blue Mountain Review (pages 30-32): “Pastoral with Bull,” “Last Lap Around the Dead,” & “Ars Poetica at the End of the World”

Cider Press Review“How Mom Quit Saying Shit”

Cold Mountain Review (also in print): “Peeling Bark for Bread” & “A Tomato Sandwich for the End-Times”

Cumberland River Review: “The Black Snake on My Lawn”

The Lascaux Review: “When We Believed the World Wouldn’t End”

Little Stone Journal: “An Allegory: After They Burned” & “Love Poem: Firefly” (Page 04)

Longleaf Review: “And the Leaves, the Flowers”

Noble / Gas Qtrly“Six Crows”

Orange Blossom Review: “While Wandering the Blue Ridge, We Followed the River Acheron”

Psaltery & Lyre: “A Prophecy for the First Horse that Carried Me”

River Heron Review: “Elegy with Failed Metaphors”

Rust + Moth: “Love Poem: The Asteroid’s Sonnet”

The Shore: “An Invitation to Light”

Still: The Journal (finalist, “Judge’s Choice”): “The Gods Who Might be Geese”

Verse Daily: “To the Turkey Vulture Pacing the Field”

Wild Goose Poetry Review: “The Path to Bees,” “Building Fire,” & “Absolution at the Trash Compactor”

Print Publications

The Carolina Quarterly: “The Geese Who Might be Gods”

Cold Mountain Review: “Peeling Bark for Bread” & “A Tomato Sandwich for the End-Times”

Light: A Journal of Photography & Poetry (as “Featured Collection”): “Otter and Trout,” “The Collision,” “Waking from Tooth-Loss,” “How to Speak With the Dying When the Dying Cannot Speak,” & “Of My Friend Who Gives Good Advice”

Main Street Rag Magazine: “Tasting Wood Sorrel” & “Silence Like”

Pembroke Magazine: “To the Turkey Vulture Pacing the Field”

The Pikeville Review: “My Brother and His Friend Pause From Their Work to Raise My Mower From the Dead,” “Un-swaddling,” “Posthumous Harvest,” & “To the Whitetail Deer Who Fled the Field”

Pinesong 2019 (Awards Anthology of the North Carolina Poetry Society): “Speak of Rivers” (Sarah Bessent Hayman Poetry of Love Award, 1st Place), “The Church of Unmaking” (Poetry of Witness Award, 1st Place)

Pinesong 2020: “A Fall Language” (American Heritage Award) & “Self-Portrait as an Oyster from the Clarenbridge Oyster Bed in Galway” (Susan Laughter Meyers Fellowship)

Witness: Appalachia to Hatteras: “Deathbed Fashion Show,” “Moon Clippings for Birds,” “On Teaching (Not Preaching) Poetry,” “Grendel’s Mom,” and “Dead Bird  Poem”